McKenzie Spey

McKenzie Speys contain a blend of standard (33mil) and intermediate (43mil) modulus graphite to produce a Spey rod that has both touch and power. Although they are inexpensive, our McKenzie Series is by no means 'cheap'-- each rod receives the same attention to detail that our high-end rods do.

McKenzie Speys break down into four piece packages so you can carry them in any size vehicle. The McKenzie Spey rods have been described as "wonderful, accurate, powerful European Spey rods, with a great balance of lifting power and sensitivity for both dry and sunk line work." and "a great all-purpose Spey for the Pacific Northwest."

Given that comparable Speys run $450-$900, a McKenzie Spey is a great addition to your rod quiver. Spey casting will open up previously unreachable water without the fatigue that plagues casters of 10' and 11' single-handers. Like all our rods, these are built up in Oregon, making the McKenzie Spey the most affordable U.S. made Spey rods!

Prices shown reflect base configuration, and include a rod bag. Custom options may add to final price of each rod.

McKenzie Speys may take an additional week to produce as they require more coats of epoxy than regular single-handed rods.

More Info / Purchase
6/7/8 (500-550gr)
7/8/9 (575-650gr)
8/9/10 (600-700gr)