The Longest Cast Staff

Scott Kinney, CEO & Designer
Scott founded The Longest Cast in 2002, building upon a flyfishing career that started when he was five. He grew up on the banks of Oregon's North Santiam River, wasting summers chasing trout and steelhead. A twist of fate brought him to the spring creeks of Minnesota for several years, where he honed both his fishing skills and his ideas on fly rod design. As a demanding consumer who could not find a perfect fly rod made by a major manufacturer, Scott did the only logical thing, and started building his own rods. If you call The Longest Cast, you'll likely be speaking with Scott! He's a pretty decent fisherman, but not real great with Finnish trail signs (picture from northern Finland, 2002).

Matt Olson, Production, Testing, & Design
Matt grew up with a fly rod in his hand. He learned to fly fish on Oregon's Metolius and has over 15 years of experience. Matt has fished all over the Northwest including Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Colorado. He has explored the North Santiam area to it's fullest and calls it his home water, although he does spend a great deal of time on the Metolius and Deschutes.

C.J., Shop Dog Extraordinare
C.J. is a three year old flat-coated retriever adopted from the Willamette Valley Humane Society in 2005. She oversees many parts of the building process, and is of course very eager to participate in the field testing of rods, especially when it involves a creek or river with a healthy population of ducks.

Field Testing
Field test staff bios soon to come!