Ceramic Fly Guides

Spinning Guides on a Fly Rod? Yes!
Ceramic guides have been around for years on spinning rods and as fly rod stripping guides. Ever wonder why these guides aren't made of wire?

The answer is friction. Ceramic materials are slicker, which means less friction and longer casts. Ceramics also dissipate heat much quicker than metal-- no more scuffed or stretched lines when fighting big fish!

Unfortunately, major manufacturers are often more concerned about their bottom line cost than ultimate performance. Ceramic guides are relatively expensive, ranging from $2 to $10 apiece at wholesale. However, if you are already paying several hundred dollars for a fly rod, there is simply no compelling reason to choose wire guides.

Our ceramic guides are 1500% slicker than wire guides!

We recommend ceramics on all rods 5 weight and above, and on our 4 weight Deschutes.