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Fitting & Matching
Before any work is done with graphite, cork, or metal, we go through an extensive fitting process to ensure that we will be building a rod that is right for you! We ask all of our customers to fill out our questionnaire about fishing style and rod preference, and also try to meet personally with each to do a dynamic custom fitting test.

Our customer in this case is a 50 year old male in Colorado. We know that he:

Unfortunately due to the distance to Colorado, we have been unable to observe his casting stroke. He has specified that he would lik e a 4 weight between 8'0" and 9'0" long. He claims to prefer medium-fast to fast action rods, and loves the Sage XP in a 9'0" 5 weight. His current 4 weight is a 8'6" 4 piece Cortland GRF-1000.

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