Wire Snake Guides

For a More Traditional Look
You should only be reading this article if you've already read up on the benefits of ceramic guide technology. In most cases, ceramic guides are more efficient, allowing you to cast further with more accuracy and less line wear. However, there are times when traditional wire guides are a great fit for fly rods.

Wire guides can be very effective on small stream rods where distance is not at a premium, but weight is. The less weight on the tip of a rod, the crisper it feels in hand. Wire guides are often our recommendation on rods from 0 to 5 weight when a customer wants the lightest possible rod.

We use single foot wire guides as they save weight and provide better performance than regular double footed snake guides. When requested by a customer, we can use double footed (traditional) guides on rods. However, since they provide no benefits over single foot guides and actually hinder performance (two wraps=more weight), we do not promote their use. Sometimes older is better, but why use a 200-year old technology when modern ceramic and wire guides function better and cost the same?